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Yet another Hit Counter?

Definitely not. Our Web traffic analysis module not only reports your traffic, but also analyzes behavior of your visitors, and performs customer intelligence. It helps you rediscover your site and see it with the eyes of your visitors. Whatever you do, you see live results. No more weeks to wait to see the trends, no more guessing. That is an order.

What's inside?

You probably have some experience with other Web traffic analysis solutions (a hitcounter or log analyzer), or maybe visited related sites. Bobbybee.Com has everything you need to track your website visitors. Every type of report you may come to think of.

Basic reports including traffic summary, navigation paths and popular pages are only the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in bare numbers, Our Stats feature over 120 unique reports with more than 170 variations.

Web Traffic Analysis in minutes

You needn't worry about the technical part of setup. Our beta testers accomplished this task within 7 to 15 minutes. And our improved Wizard will help you do it even faster.

It works in real time

Once visitors arrive at your site, they are tracked and reported in your statistics. You can feel the pulse of your Web site without any delays, just on air. Try and you will like it!

It is lightning fast

Web CEO gets your statistics from our Data Center in a special compressed format. At once it puts it into easy to understand, visual reports. It also keeps the reports you have viewed before in cache. So it takes no time to reload them. You can work, not wait.

General traffic analysis The following reports are included: Brief Traffic Analysis; Unique Visitors; Page Views; Repeat Visitors; Total Downloads; Downloads by Files
Visitors' activity analysis This category features activity of your site visitors in accordance with your time zone and the time zone of visitors' ISPs. The following reports are included: By Visitors Time Zone; By Your Local Time; By Day of Week; Work/Leisure time; Server Cluster Load Balance
Navigation analysis Navigation contains reports on visitors' behavior when they are surfing your site e.g. navigation paths, single pages, entry and exit pages. Reports include: Navigation Paths; Paths During the First Visit; Pages During the Second Visit; Entry Pages; Exit Pages; Single Pages; Pages Viewed After Home; Next Pages; Previous Pages; Site Stickiness; Total Site Stickiness;
Visitors analysis The category of visitors reports a lot of basic information on your visitors. Reports include: Unique Visitors; New Visitors; Frequent Visitors; Motivated Visits; New Visitors' Second Visits; Visit Frequency; Major Domains; Second Level Domains; New Visitors by Content Groups; Visitors by Content Groups; Repeat Visitors by Content Groups
Referrers analysis This category describes the sources of your traffic, e.g. referring sites, SEs and keywords used to find your site. Reports include: All Referrers; Referrers Trends; Referring Sites; Referring Pages; Top-100 Referring Pages by Sites; Search Engines; Search Keywords; Top-100 Keywords by Search Engine; Pages Found on Keywords; SEs History; Search Keywords History
Pages reports Reports include: Popular Pages; Unpopular Pages; Views per Visit; Views per First Visit; Page Stickiness; Views by Content Groups;
Visitors' systems reports Reports include: Browsers; IE Versions; Netscape Versions; Operating Systems; Windows Versions; Screen Resolution; Color Palettes; Cookie Support; Java Support
Demographics A breakdown of visitors by their region, country, language and time zone



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